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Royal Swiss Islamabad

History of Swiss International Hotels and Resorts Royal Swiss Islamabad which is related to Royal Swiss has a deep history. Swiss International Hotels & Resorts started forty years ago as a group of Swiss hoteliers. Today Swiss International is a global company with its International Services Center located in Ras Al Khaimah, in the U.A.E. This position gives the company easy access to the fast-developing markets that are targeted for its expansion purposes. Global Services of Royal Swiss With more than 16 operational hotels and 5000 plus hotel suites in 12 countries, Royal Swiss has been a real player in the hospitality sector. More than 27 hotel projects are ongoing globally and 6 to 7 hotel projects are under construction in Pakistan. From which Royal Swiss Islamabad is the most prominent project. Why Royal Swiss Islamabad? Royal Swiss Islamabad provides you with a golden opportunity to become a partner with […]

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Honoring Excellence: A Special Moment at Radisson Blu Islamabad

In the bustling heart of Islamabad, amid the city’s vibrant energy and burgeoning opportunities, stands the iconic Radisson Blu Hotel—a beacon of luxury, hospitality, and innovation. This week, the hotel had the distinct honor of hosting esteemed guests, President of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), Mr. Ahsan Bakhtawari, and President of the Islamabad Estate Agents Association (IEAA), Mr. Sardar Tahir Mehmood. Their visit not only symbolized a moment of prestige for Radisson Blu but also underscored the hotel’s commitment to excellence and progress. The visit commenced with a tour of the hotel’s premises, where the delegates had the opportunity to witness firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that define Radisson Blu’s architecture and design. From the luxurious guest rooms with panoramic views of the city to the state-of-the-art conference facilities equipped with the latest technology, every aspect of the hotel exuded an air of refinement […]

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 Investing in a 5-star Hotel in 2024

 Investing in a 5-star Hotel in 2024 Have you ever imagined owning a luxurious 5-star hotel suite? It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, let’s explore the world of luxury investing and purchasing a top-notch hotel suite that will make you feel like a true investor. Who wouldn’t want to have their piece of paradise where guests are welcomed, and every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure an unforgettable experience? Investing in a 5-star hotel not only lets you be a part of the hospitality industry but also allows you to indulge in the profit and exclusivity that come with it. The need for investment in a 5-star hotel When it comes to investment in a 5-star hotel, there is no shortage of appeal. These luxurious establishments offer world-class accommodations and unrivaled experiences to discerning guests. Investing in a 5-star hotel means immersing yourself in the world of luxury travel, where […]

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The Luxury “Royal Swiss” in Islamabad Pakistan

The Luxury “Royal Swiss” in Islamabad Pakistan With Royal Swiss in Pakistan, you can make your stay comfortable and luxurious. Swiss International Hotels & Resorts started forty years ago as a group of Swiss hoteliers. Today Swiss International is a global company with its International Services Center located in Ras Al Khaimah, in the U.A.E. This position gives the company easy access to the fast-developing markets that are targeted for its expansion purposes. What’s the benefit of associating with Royal Swiss? Hotels and brands associated with Royal Swiss become the partners of Royal Swiss Hotels and Resorts. They will be able to benefit from the brand’s value which the company has gained in the past 30 years. Each hotel sets itself apart through its individual qualities that are based on regional features and local characteristics. “A brand should be relevant, consistent, and well-positioned to achieve sustainable results in today’s highly […]

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Benefits of investing in a hotel suite

Benefits of investing in a hotel suite Investing in a hotel suite in Pakistan presents a unique and exciting opportunity for various individuals. Those looking to step into the hospitality industry are being welcomed. As travel and tourism sector continues to grow, the demand for high-quality accommodation is on the rise. This discussion explores the various aspects of investing in hotel suites in Pakistan. INTRODUCTION In the dynamic and competitive world of business, some companies stand out not just for their products or services, but for their innovative approaches and commitment to excellence. STABLE INCOME STREAM One of the key attractions of investing in hotel suites is the potential for stable income. Another benefit is the passive income stream. Hotels typically lease individual suites to investors. They provide a fixed rental income or a share of the revenue generated from the suite. This predictable income can be particularly appealing to […]

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Hotels’ Star Rating System

Hotels’ Star Rating System The Hotels’ Star Rating System is a widely recognized framework used to classify hotels based on their quality, services, and amenities. This system helps travelers understand the level of service, comfort, and facilities they can expect during their stay. Here’s an overview of what each star level typically signifies 1-Star Hotels These hotels offer basic accommodations with limited amenities and services. They are ideal for budget-conscious travelers who prioritize affordability and essential comfort. Rooms are typically small and functional, with a private or shared bathroom. 2-Star Hotels Two-star hotels are a step up, offering more comfort than 1-star establishments. They typically provide clean and comfortable accommodations with some additional amenities like televisions in rooms, daily housekeeping, and possibly an on-site restaurant or café. 3-Star Hotels Three-star hotels cater to travelers seeking more comfort and service. These establishments usually feature well-furnished rooms, one or more restaurants or […]

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The Investor’s Guide to J7 Group’s

The Investor’s Guide to J7 Group’s Hotel Projects Welcome to J7 Group’s Investor’s Guide to Hotel Projects. As a leading hospitality company in Pakistan, J7 Group is dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable hotel projects that cater to the diverse needs of our ever-growing customer base. Throughout this blog, we will provide an in-depth look into our major hotel projects, highlighting the unique features, amenities, and strategic locations that have made them successful in the competitive hospitality industry. In addition, we will explore the key considerations for investors, such as the quality and excellence of our projects, the demand for luxury accommodations in Pakistan, the benefits of international partnerships, and our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. We will also delve into the strategic locations of our hotel projects, showcasing the growth potential of the tourism and business sectors in Pakistan. We hope that this blog will provide you with […]

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Exploring Investment Opportunities

Exploring Investment Opportunities in Golden Tulip Hotel for Overseas Pakistanis If you are an overseas Pakistani and looking for a safe and secure investment with high income returns then this blog is a solution for you! Investment opportunities Available for Overseas Pakistanis As a business, investing in hotel management projects offers promising opportunities for growth and development. In recent years, Golden Tulip Hotel Islamabad, a global brand known for its elegant ambiance and high-quality service, has gained significant attention from potential investors. Overseas Pakistanis, particularly those working in the United States and the United Kingdom, are looking for profitable investment options that cater to their financial needs and long-term goals. Golden Tulip Hotel Islamabad In the midst of Islamabad, a city that seamlessly harmonizes modernity and tradition, an extraordinary partnership is unfolding. The renowned international hotel chain, Golden Tulip, has united with the esteemed J7 Group to craft an iconic […]

construction company in islamabad
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Constructing Excellence: Unveiling the Top 10 Construction Companies in Islamabad

In the ever-evolving landscape of Islamabad, where modernity meets tradition, the role of construction companies is paramount. These entities not only shape the skyline but also contribute significantly to the economic growth of the region. In this blog, we explore the top 10 construction companies in Islamabad, each leaving an indelible mark on the cityscape with their commitment to excellence and innovation. The Economic Impact of Construction Companies Construction companies in Islamabad are key players in boosting the economic sector. Their contribution goes beyond creating tangible assets; it extends to generating employment opportunities and fostering a chain of thriving industries. However, not all construction companies are created equal, and discerning individuals and organizations understand the importance of aligning with those committed to quality, resilience, and timely project execution. Top 10 Construction Companies in Islamabad 1.Sardar Group of Companies With over 170 completed projects and more than forty years of experience, […]

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