Signature Rotana Hotel is now in Islamabad Pakistan

Signature Rotana Hotel is now in Islamabad Pakistan by J7 group at the main location of Top City-1. Rotana is a well-known brand having hotels all over the world.

Rotana Hotels

The vision of Rotana Hotels started in 1978 when the present CEO Nasser Al Nowais met his friend and shared a dream of forming a regional hospitality group. The first hotel was launched in Abu Dhabi. The beach Rotana Abu Dhabi was launched in 1993 and it’s the biggest property to date. Rotana plans to grow from the two properties it started in 1993 to more than 100 by 2025. Signature Rotana Hotel Islamabad is also opening in 2026.

Signature Rotana Hotel is now in Islamabad Pakistan

Global properties of Rotana Hotels

With such strong roots globally, Rotana has created a brand value all over the world. Rotana has hotels in the following countries:

  • Bahrain: Downtown Rotana
  • Bosnia:Bosmal Arjaan
  • DR of Congo: Kin Plaza Arjaan
  • Egypt: Grand Rotana Resort and Spa
  • Iraq: Babylon Rotana
  • Jordan: Centro Madda Amman
  • Lebanon: Gefinor Rotana
  • Morroco: Palmeraie Rotana Resort
  • Oman: Salalah Rotana Resort
  • Qatar: City Centre Rotana Doha
  • Russia: Edge Vinogradovo
  • Saudia Arabia: Centro Corniche
  • Tanzania: Johari Rotana
  • Turkey: Tango Arjan
  • United Arab Emirate: Beach Rotana


MOU of Signature Hotels with Franchise Rotana

Signature Hotels was started by J7 Group in 2022. The idea behind Signature Hotels was to create a brand of their own in Pakistan. The construction has been in full flow for the past two years. In April 2024, Rotana Hotels signed an MOU with J7 group. So Signature Hotels became Signature Rotana Hotel Islamabad. With the well-renowned reputation of Rotana around the globe especially in the Middle East the Signature will turn into a beast project.

Signature Rotana Hotel in Islamabad, by J7 Group

Signature Rotana Hotel is a 4-star hotel located in Top City 01, Islamabad, closest to the new Islamabad International Airport. The project is well and truly on its way to delivering a high-class hotel. Under the leadership of Maqbool Hussain, the J7 group is building this project at a very smart pace. The popularity of Rotana Hotels around the world makes this project more trustable.


Details of the Project

Following is the most important information you need to know about Rotana Hotel Islamabad.

  • Size:13 Kanal
  • Area Covered:875000 SQ. FT
  • Building Stories:26 Floor.
  • Status:Grey Structure Completed till 4th
  • Type:4-Star Hotel.
  • Completion Date:
  • Parking:3 Floor Basement.


Location of Signature Rotana Hotel

Signature Rotana Hotel is located at the most accessible location of Top City-01 Islamabad. The project is situated on Main Srinagar Highway.

Some Nearby locations:

  • M1 & M2: 300m
  • Metro Station: Zero KM
  • Islamabad International Airport: 5KM


Why one should Invest in Signature Rotana Hotels Islamabad?

There are several reasons why one should look to invest in Signature Rotana Hotels Islamabad

High Return on Investment (ROI): Islamabad’s real estate market is known for its stability and potential for high returns, especially in projects like those by J7 Group which are strategically located and well-developed.

Secure Investment: For overseas Pakistanis, ensuring that their investment is secure is a primary concern. J7 Group’s reputation and the legal frameworks governing real estate in Islamabad offer a level of security and peace of mind for investors.

Monthly Rental Income: Certain projects, such as the Golden Tulip Hotel Islamabad, offer investors a chance to earn a steady monthly rental income, which is a direct benefit of investing in commercial real estate.

Potential for Capital Appreciation: Real estate in prime locations such as Islamabad typically appreciates over time, meaning investments in J7 Group projects have the potential to grow in value, offering significant capital gains.

Luxury and Comfort: Projects like Signature Rotana Hotel Islamabad are designed with luxury and comfort in mind, offering amenities and services that appeal to high-end buyers and investors, enhancing the overall value of the investment.

Facilities and Amenities: Investing in high-rise projects often comes with access to a range of facilities and amenities, including modern infrastructure, shopping centers, leisure activities, and more, which can attract higher rental yields and demand.

Convenience for Resale and Liquidity: Projects developed by reputable groups like J7 are generally more liquid, making it easier for investors to sell their property when they choose to, often at a profit due to the property’s appreciation.

Beneficial for Future Generations: Investing in real estate in Islamabad can be a way for overseas Pakistanis to maintain ties to their home country and provide for their future generations, whether through physical property or the wealth generated from such investments.

Complimentary Stays and Discounts: For investors in projects like the Golden Tulip Hotel, the benefits include not just financial returns but also lifestyle perks such as complimentary stays and discounts on food and services.

Strategic Locations: J7 Group selects strategic locations for its projects, ensuring high visibility, accessibility, and integration with Islamabad’s development plans, which boosts the investment’s potential.


Construction Update

As the group has promised delivery to Signature Rotana Hotel Islamabad in 2026, the construction is in full flow. The project started in 2022 and is now built up to the 4th floor(Grey Structure). The website of Signature provides live CCTV coverage of the construction 24/7. The completion date of the project is 2026.

Signature Rotana Hotel is now in Islamabad Pakistan

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