Royal Swiss Islamabad

History of Swiss International Hotels and Resorts

Royal Swiss Islamabad which is related to Royal Swiss has a deep history. Swiss International Hotels & Resorts started forty years ago as a group of Swiss hoteliers. Today Swiss International is a global company with its International Services Center located in Ras Al Khaimah, in the U.A.E. This position gives the company easy access to the fast-developing markets that are targeted for its expansion purposes.

Global Services of Royal Swiss

With more than 16 operational hotels and 5000 plus hotel suites in 12 countries, Royal Swiss has been a real player in the hospitality sector. More than 27 hotel projects are ongoing globally and 6 to 7 hotel projects are under construction in Pakistan. From which Royal Swiss Islamabad is the most prominent project.

Why Royal Swiss Islamabad?

Royal Swiss Islamabad provides you with a golden opportunity to become a partner with an upscale hotel brand. Hotels and brands associated with Royal Swiss become the partners of Royal Swiss Hotels and Resorts. They will be able to benefit from the brand’s value which the company has gained in the past 30 years. Each hotel sets itself apart through its individual qualities that are based on regional features and local characteristics.

“A brand should be relevant, consistent, and well-positioned to achieve sustainable results in today’s highly competitive marketplace”.

Investing in Royal Swiss Islamabad provides you with the following benefits.

Strategic Location

Royal Swiss Islamabad commands a prime location. It is strategically placed on the main Srinagar highway, a 2-minute drive from M1M2 Motorway, 5 KM from Hakla Interchange (CPEC), and a stone’s throw away from the Islamabad International Airport. This strategic positioning not only ensures accessibility for guests but also places it at the forefront of economic activity, setting the stage for a lucrative investment.

Best Rental Income

Royal Swiss Islamabad promises investors optimal rental income. The combination of its prime location and the prestige associated with a 5-star international deluxe hotel positions this investment as a lucrative source of consistent rental returns. Your investment becomes a source of passive income with 60% of the rental returns distributed among suite owners.

Annual Appreciation

Investors stand to benefit from the prospect of annual appreciation. With J7 Group at the helm, a trusted name in real estate, the potential for your investment to grow over time is a compelling reason to consider Royal Swiss Islamabad. The legacy of appreciation aligns with the commitment to excellence embodied by this project. From the announcement till now we have got a massive 4 times boost in the annual appreciation.

Discount on Services

Investing in Royal Swiss hotels offers more than just financial benefits. Investors become part of an exclusive circle, with access to various privileges, such as discounts on food and services during their stay. These perks enhance the overall value proposition of investing in Royal Swiss. Investors can enjoy royal discounts across all locations worldwide.

Royal Swiss Islamabad

Groundbreaking and size

The project was initiated in 2022 and the total area of the project is 63010 square feet. It has 2 floors of basement, a ground floor plus 17 floors.  The type of the project is kind of a multipurpose venture. It will be a Hotel, Mall and a Resort.

Royal Swiss Islamabad-Pakistan which is known as J7 Icon, is a 5-star masterpiece project to look out for. J7 Icon is a special project that aims to make the luxury and top-notch service even better in the capital city. We’ve teamed up with Swiss International Hotels & Resorts to create the Royal Swiss Hotel. It’s designed for people who appreciate high-quality hospitality. We’re not just offering a place to stay, but a carefully crafted experience for those who want something extra special. The iconic project under J7 Group is set to open in January 2026.  

Amenities of Royal Swiss Islamabad

Royal Swiss Islamabad provides the following amenities:

  1.  Sauna and Spa.
  2. Ballroom and Auditorium.
  3. Car Parking.
  4. Gym and Fitness Center.
  5. World-Class Restaurant.
  6. Heating and Air Conditioning facilities.
  7. Swimming Pool.
  8. Guest Rooms with Elegant Decoration.
  9. 24/7 Room Service.
  10. Luxury Concierge Service.
  11. Medical Service.
  12. Valet Service.
  13. Laundry Service.
  14. Money Exchange Service.
  15. on-call Transportation Service.
  16. Communication Services.
  17. Luxurious Accommodations.
  18. Personalized Service.
  19. Gourmet Dining.
  20. Wellness and Spa Facilities.
  21. Business and Event Facilities.
  22. Transportation Services.
  23. Security and Privacy.
  24. Technology and Connectivity.

Investment capacity in Royal Swiss Islamabad

Investing in hotels in Islamabad holds the potential for significant returns. This is because of Islamabad’s weather, the landscapes, and the positive culture of tourism. So explore the benefits of investing in Pakistan’s largest upcoming 5-star hotel “Royal Swiss Islamabad” known as J7 Icon. J7 Icon under the leadership of Director Fayyaz Awan is growing and rising day by day. As the leader Fayyaz Awan himself is young and energetic, so he is also working on the project in the same manner.  With its prime and easily accessible location Royal Swiss Islamabad will be the biggest project of Pakistan in the upcoming era.


Where did the Swiss International Hotel come from?

Swiss International’s roots are over 40 years anchored in Switzerland; a country known worldwide for hospitality, its quality, precision, and values that we ever since proudly translated into the day-to-day operation of our hotels.

What is the history of a Swiss hotel?

The Swiss Hotel has been sold several times. In the 1870s the hotel was a stagecoach stop. The hotel was sold in 1892 to the Toroni family, which ran the Ticino Hotel. Ticino Hotel had guests from the nearby railroad station and its employees.

Who is the CEO of a Swiss hotel?

Henri W.R. Kennedie is the President & CEO of Swiss International Hotels and Resorts.