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Golden Tulip, a brand created and operated by Louvre Hotels Group, is part of the 2nd largest hospitality Group in the world, Jin Jiang International.

Golden Tulip Islamabad by J7 Group

Golden Tulip Islamabad by J7 Group

In the heart of Islamabad, a vibrant city that blends modernity with tradition, a remarkable collaboration is underway. Golden Tulip, an international hotel chain with a legacy dating back to 1960, has joined forces with the esteemed J7 Group to create an iconic hospitality destination. Nestled in the strategic location of Top City near Islamabad International Airport, Golden Tulip Islamabad is set to redefine luxury living, and what makes it truly unique is the unique investment opportunity it presents to the public.

The Partnership:Golden Tulip and J7 Group

Golden Tulip, known worldwide for its commitment to excellence in hospitality, brings decades of expertise to the table. Collaborating with J7 Group, a distinguished name in construction, real estate, and hospitality, the project promises a harmonious blend of international standards and local elegance.

  • Luxury Living, Unmatched Elegance.
  • Strategic Location, Proximity to Airport.
  • Flexible Investment Plans, Quarterly Instalments
  • Global Hospitality Chain Collaboration.
  • Sustainable Construction.
  • Suite Options, Varied Sizes, Floor Choices.
  • Anticipated Operation in June 2025.
  • Exclusive Investor Benefits, Free Stays.

Project Description

Project TypeHotel & Resort
LocationTopcity1, Near Airport
Completion DateJune 2025
Project Size (covered area)250000 Square Feet
Number of floors

2B, G +18

Location Advantage: Top City Islamabad

Situated near the bustling Islamabad International Airport, Top City emerges as an ideal location for Golden Tulip Islamabad. This strategic positioning ensures accessibility, making it a convenient choice for both local and international travelers. The surrounding infrastructure and amenities contribute to the overall appeal of this investment venture.

Project Location

PLOT # B-02, Blue zone Top City, Golden tulip, Islamabad, 44000

Construction Timeline 


Construction Start (2022)

The journey began in 2022 with the commencement of construction. J7 Group, with its track record of delivering excellence, embarked on the mission to bring Golden Tulip Islamabad to life. The project, guided by the vision of both Golden Tulip and J7 Group, has progressed steadily, meeting milestones and ensuring that every detail aligns with the promise of a world-class hospitality experience.

Operation Date (June 2025)

The anticipated opening in June 2025 marks a significant milestone. As the construction progresses, excitement builds for the grand opening of Golden Tulip Islamabad. The project aims not only to provide exceptional accommodation but also to create an environment where luxury meets convenience, setting new standards in the hospitality landscape.

Investment Opportunity

What sets Golden Tulip Islamabad apart is the unique investment opportunity it extends to the public. By offering the chance to buy a suite, the project opens doors for individuals to become stakeholders in this landmark venture. The investment package is designed to be inclusive, providing an avenue for both seasoned investors and those looking to diversify their portfolio.

Suite Ownership Benefits

Monthly Rent (60% Share):

Investors have the opportunity to earn a steady monthly income, with 60% of the rental returns distributed among suite owners.

Annual Appreciation:

The investment promises annual appreciation, ensuring that the value of the investment grows over time, aligning with market trends and project success.

Free Stay:

As a gesture of appreciation, suite owners receive complimentary stays at Golden Tulip Islamabad, providing an opportunity to experience the luxury they have invested in.

The Vision: More than a Hotel

Golden Tulip Islamabad, beyond being a hotel, aspires to become a community hub and a symbol of refined living. The meticulously planned suites and shared spaces are crafted to offer an unparalleled lifestyle, blending the sophistication of international hospitality with the warmth of local charm.


In line with the ethos of J7 Group, sustainability is a key focus in the construction and operation of Golden Tulip Islamabad. The project integrates innovative, eco-friendly practices to minimize its environmental impact. From energy-efficient systems to waste reduction initiatives, the commitment to sustainability is woven into the fabric of the project.

Community Engagement

Golden Tulip Islamabad by J7 Group is not merely a structure; it is a community asset. The project actively engages with the local community, creating job opportunities, supporting local businesses, and contributing to the overall economic development of the region.

Investor Support and Transparency

To ensure investor confidence, Golden Tulip Islamabad prioritizes transparency in its operations. Regular updates, financial reports, and communication channels are established to keep investors informed and engaged throughout the construction and operational phases.

How to Invest: A Step-by-Step Guide

Explore Investment Packages:

Discover the suite ownership options available, considering your investment goals and preferences.

Consultation and Assistance:

The project offers consultation services to guide potential investors through the process, answering queries and providing insights into the investment structure.

Secure Your Investment:

Once you’ve selected the investment package that suits you, securing your suite is a straightforward process facilitated by the project’s dedicated investment team.

Enjoy the Benefits:

As construction progresses and the project reaches fruition, investors can start enjoying the benefits outlined in their investment package.

The Signing Ceremony

J7 Group Pakistan and Golden Tulip, a brand created and operated by Louvre Hotels Group have inked an agreement to assist various business management functions. The signing ceremony was officiated by Mr.Maqbool Hussain, chairman of the J7 group, and the honourable Director Mr. Abdul Waheed.

Project InfoVideos

Director Statement; (Mr. Abdul Waheed)

Golden Tulip Islamabad by J7 Group is not just a hotel; it is a vision brought to life. It is an opportunity for individuals to be a part of something extraordinary, to invest in a venture that transcends traditional hospitality models. With a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community engagement, Golden Tulip Islamabad aims to set a new benchmark in the world of luxury living and investment opportunities. As construction advances and the opening date approaches, the anticipation for the launch of this iconic project grows, inviting investors and future guests to be a part of a legacy in the making.

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